explaining what you do to your family.

Other Grandmother: well, now I can ask you what you do. I tell you, I won't understand, but at least I can ask you.

(on our way to my grandmother's house - just outside very-very tiny Gainesville, Texas.)
Sarah: ... so I probably should avoid anything political when talking to your grandmother?
The last time Brandon saw my grandmother, he mentioned that he works with high schoolers. She nodded and said well, naturally they were all in gangs.
So he had to explain: no, actually. But their lives are complicated a great deal by every adult taking one look at them and assuming: naturally they were in a gang.
Me: She's just lived her entire life in this small little town, so she totally believes what she sees on TV.

Sarah: Ugh. Right. And on TV, every minority kid is in a gang, or --

Mom: Oh no no no no no, you don't understand. Gainesville is called "LITTLE GUADALAJARA" around here. The police call it LITTLE GUADALAJARA. Gangs are EVERYWHERE in Gainesville, it's worse than Chicago. They have these horse ranches all around here, with a lot of ... ILLEGALS, and all of them are ---

Me: Hey mom, but I would really appreciate it if we could change the subject.


lizzy said...

Again with the Lubbock thing, I totally understand. Check out my short video on Lubbock called "Lubbock or Leave it" - notably made WELL before the Dixie Chicks song of the same name.


I want you to know that I really appreciate your blog. It's sincere, and it really hits the points I think about. Thanks for that, and keep posting! I really enjoy it!

Lacy said...

Thanks so much, Lizzy! I really appreciate that. I just read your bio on your site and there are some eerie similarities! I've worked in tv/radio too, -obviously I grew up in Denton- then left texas for the East Coast as soon as I finished HS. Then landed in arts education somewhere along the way! Crazy! Thanks for reading, I hope I keep earning your attentions.

Lizzy said...

Strange indeed! I didn't realize you were from Denton! I really enjoyed my time there. Not sure if you saw the NYT article proclaiming it the "new Austin." My Austin friends scoffed, but I can see it....a little :)


The bio is a bit outdated. But you can probably tell that I'm also constantly trying to find success/happiness.

One more eerie similarity: my parents are retiring at the end of the month and moving back to THEIR hometown, Chicago! They've been planning an exodus from Lubbock for 38 years since they moved there for positions at Texas Tech. They purchased a condo next to Loyola on Sheridan Road and sold my childhood home. Very strange.

Having left Texas at 21, I will now have no more family roots there. It's very sad as it's my home, although I spent many a summer vacation in Chicago/Oak Park with my extended family. But I will still return to TX every year to see my friends.

TMI, I think, but it's kinda cool to find people who can relate to being a Texas ex-pat among verified Yankees.

Please enjoy your new bridehood. And try to get away with the hubby. You deserve it! The picture is gorgeous, and I'm sure it was the best day ever.

Lacy said...

I DID see that article, and I totally agree with it! I think Denton is a great great great town (easier to say when you don't actually live there, though).

Your parents' condo can't be more than a few blocks from mine - I'm a block from Sheridan, also in Rogers Park. Hilarious.