how I know that I'm making progress.

1. I can finally do that thing where you take a wad of napkin/toilet paper and grab a bug and drop it in the toilet. And - even bigger victory - not make a big deal about it.

2. I used to really hate father's day. I had creepy and uncomfortable feelings of jealousy and rage. But I'm pretty over it now.

Strangely, this was the week my dad found my blog. If it wasn't him, it was my stepmother. One of them googled my name, and the one entry where I posted my last name came up. That also happened to be the one entry where I talked about him.

I thought he might be curious, want to know about me and who I am now. So I thought he might read all of my blog. He didn't. According to Sitetracker, the lone visit from South Carolina viewed two pages and lasted about three minutes.

And that was that.

I've always been fascinated with toddlers when they fall down, and then try to decide if they're going to get upset about it. Watching their faces for that split second where they decide to either be devastated or get up and just toddle off. Every now and then you can catch grownups in that decision too.

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Corrbette said...

So nicely put. I watch that decision in toddlers all the time. And in myself. Sadly, there are many days when a toddler shows more restraint than me.