I am sure all 3 of you will be DELIGHTED to know I'm back.

If you are keeping score: I will try not to drone because this ain't no weddin blog, but It Was Freaking Great and I wouldn't have changed a thing.
Well. Maybe the tornado.

The past week has raised all kinds of questions of home. I've been to so many of my own just in the past few days. Home as identified in various gardens, buildings, towns, states, and in other people.


dizzyk said...

Congrats, Lacy! So very happy for you. I wish you both the best.

nora said...

Number 2 checking in.
Maybe just one little wedding photograph? Pretty please?

Lacy said...

ha! Okay, Nora, you got it ... as soon as they show up from the wedding photographer, hopefully later this week!

Monica said...

Tornado? Where'd you get married again? Crawford? lol Wouldn't be a Texas wedding without some kind of weather warning. Congrats!

lizzy said...

Coming from Lubbock, myself, I don't think it would have been official sans the tornado!