more not-talking about my wedding

Mostly for Nora, but also what the hell, here is your Token Wedding Photo. Taken underneath one of my grandfather's plum trees. No plums taste like those plums. I ate about 7 gallons' worth.
Another couple was on the airport shuttle with us on our way back to DFW. The guy asked for the Air Mexico terminal. The girl was beautiful, just really beautiful with coordinating accessories and her special luggage tag that said 'Bride' in a flocked jacquard print. They both looked great at 5am the way it's much easier to look great at 5am when you are in your early 20s.

I looked at Brandon and realized, for the first time really, that by Rest Of The World standards, he and I were a little old to be getting married.

I guess there is some implied failure that we weren't ready to marry when we were that young. We are, were, a little behind. We got held back a few years. But I also think it's harder and therefore more triumphant to recognize and overcome your own limitations.


Rachel Wilson said...

I love the pic. It's very Garden of Eden. But as to getting married late, that's silly. I know too many young married people who divorce within a year. You and Brandon are super successful in choosing each other at the right time, period.

Lacy said...

oh my gosh, you're right, it totally is. The Plum of Knowledge. Sorry, Brandon.

nora said...

Beautiful! I'm happy now. And I think that plums are supposed to be good luck or something fabulous.

And you got married when it felt right. Anything else would be crazy.

thea said...

Bah. Married young people get married for a reason. Either they have nothing else to do, or they are in love, or they're not and get divorced.

No failure. The success is making the relationship (married or not) work regardless of age.

I like pretty pictures.

finalgirl said...

this is beautiful.

Monica said...

Looks like Brandon really wants a bite of that plum! I'm glad I didn't get married until my very late 20's lol