I spent the evening in a lawn chair in my grandparents' yard, loving the summer nights in Texas where I know all the birds and the bugs and the plants.

That was nice.

Internet access is a little more restricted here than I anticipated. Why? Because my grandmother LOVES TO PLAY BRIDGE ON THE COMPUTER. She also LOVES TO TALK TO ME. ALL THE TIME. Often when someone else is already talking to me.
Both these things keep me from spending endless hours on the computer.

My aunt also, inexplicably, really likes to hang out with me and watch me [and the computer screen] really closely while I check my email. Times when you struggle to explain internet etiquette to your family.

Though initially inconvenient... really, this is all nice, too.

So I will probably be a little quiet till next week.
You have fun and I will too.

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nora said...

So, itsn't this like your wedding week, or something?
We want details, sister!