success as a filter

Due to legal mumbojumbo, today is officially my wedding day. Don't tell the state of Texas.

I won't talk about whether my wedding was "successful" or not - weddings aren't really interesting to me - but the whole fiasco definitely brought up one of my favorite things to obsess about (and impetuses, impeti, impetesses for this blog) : trying to be a good person.
You know. Being thoughtful and considerate of others.

This is notoriously difficult during an etiquette-engorged thing like a wedding. Etiquette must have been invented as a rulebook to let people say, "You HAVE to like me! I FOLLOWED THE RULES! EVEN IF YOU THINK I'M PRETENTIOUS AND WEIRD! I SENT YOUR FREAKING INVITATION IN TIME, YOU ASSHOLES!"

No wonder I like manners and all that hoopla so much. It's a clearly defined path to make sure that no one has any reason to disapprove of me in any way.

Wow. Gross.

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