the things that worry me most about international travel

Cat: I don't understand.

Me: It's only a month. We'll be back July 25.

Cat: What are you saying?

Me: Joe's going to housesit. He loves cats. He's going to play with you and cuddle you. He'll be here the whole time.

Cat: What? Wait. What?

Me: (deep sigh) Okay. I'll say it again. Brandon, and I, are going, to backpack through Ecuador for 30 days. We leave at 4am Wednesday.


Me: It's ... see? How beautiful?


Me: It's ... I mean, kayaking and a lot of hiking...

Cat: Maybe you could have mentioned this before???

Me: I just didn't know how to bring it up. I'm so sorry. I'll miss you?


Me: I'll bring you back some small, hard things that you can bat around on the floor!

Cat: (not looking at me) Are there other cats in Ecuador?

(long pause)

Me: There's no way for me to answer that question and not upset you.

Cat: I need to take a nap. IN THE SECRET NAP PLACE.


lizzy said...

I SOOOOOO understand these conversations. We're leaving for 2 weeks in Ireland on Thursday. The bag is out, and the cats KNOW. THEY KNOW!!!

We will get the cold shoulder for at least a day when we return...

Lacy said...

Thanks Lizzy!!! I'm glad you understand. Have a great time on your trip.

The original plan was to drop the cat off at a friend's place for a month - I was seriously feeling terrible about THAT. At least he gets to stay in his own home.

We'll see. Hopefully minimal property destruction and vengeance-poops-outside-the-box await us in the future!

nora said...

I think my cat was disapointed when I returned from Ireland (where are you going Lizzy?). He had full run of the house while I was gone.
Happy Trails!