Here's a [quite well done] trailer for that farce I mentioned.

$721 a week, and the director has broadway credits and a tony.


sometimes i really hate success

Being responsible and handling your life successfully means taking care of your body and getting annual checkups.


I strongly prefer indirectly winning Tony awards.


things you take home

A student anti-drug parade in Guayaquil. I've always been fascinated with how much of your personality is your conscious choice, and how much of it is just falling into the patterns of how other people expect you to act.

I think travel emancipates you from that. No one knows you. You can forget that you've always been shy, or that you've never liked fish. Or that you're a fantastic singer or an utter athletic failure.

I loved having a fresh start. I felt more fearless than I usually do. I felt more brave. I felt like someone who would travel through South America with a backpack. Not like someone who doubts herself so much, she has an entire blog about it.

I don't know how to hang on to that, and I don't want to lose it.

in recent news

FORMER NASA astronaut and moon-walker Dr Edgar Mitchell - a veteran of the Apollo 14 mission - has stunningly claimed aliens exist.

This guy has either forever eradicated every jot of his personal success, or he has raised himself to a new, unprecedented level of it.

crowd pleasers

In high school, a friend and I took a mini-road trip to Grand Prairie, TX, to see a half-step-above-community-theater theater. What, to us, was "professional theater."

Holy CRAP, was that a horrible play.

The play was a farce - full of wacky compromising situations, mugging, and just the WORST kind of acting. Just a dumb, dumb, dumb show that only managed to communicate one thing, and that was that the audience was even dumber. And the crowd ATE IT UP.

I have an audition for this same play next Monday. It's going up soon at a viable, commercial theater. They're expecting it to be an open run. They're paying something close to a living wage. They clearly expect people to EAT IT UP.

In Working Actor terms, I should be drooling over this. But I keep thinking of that horrible actor who played the lead, and the people in front of us, reverently saying during curtain call, 'now, HE's a STAR.'


love of home

over the past few days I've been wondering if looking forward to coming home means that the trip was a failure in any way.

the last part of the trip was definitely less fun/exciting/delightful (Quito is kind of an assy city), but on the whole I think it says a lot that I am so happy and excited to be back in my life.

so after we got home at 9pm, I crammed some deep dish Giordano's in my face, drank STRAIGHT from the tap, used my perfectly-flushing toilet, smooched on my cat to an unreasonable degree, and am now preparing to embrace my bed with deep, fervent passion that can only be expressed by the body of a full-grown, 5'11" woman.

hi, i missed you.

here's a picture. of a kitty and some iguanas in a tree.


Postcard III

No one likes to be sick on vacation. I´m not totally out, but the cold medicine they have here is really throwing me for a loop. I also suspect the insane altitude. And the more travellers we talk to, the more we hear tell of parasites that you just can´t avoid. Ew. Parasites.

Luckily, before I got too goopy and coughy, I did something that I will count among the greatest accomplishments of this year and possibly of my life.

I learned to do eskimo rolls in a kayak.
on the first day.
that picture is not me. That is some girl affiliated with that website. I learned in the JUNGLE, yo. In a river in the JUNGLE.

When I get home I´m totally posting a youtube video of this move, which I will probably never be able to do again.
Fun fact: Generic Robitussin in South America is not ´tussin´as it is in the states, but ´Tussis.´
Not Fun At All Fact: The pharmacist stated in no uncertain terms whatsoever that I am not to have any alcohol while on this (other) medicine.


Postcard II

Laguna Quilotoa, Central Highlands. 4000 meters elevation.

This trip is truly turning out to be everything I hoped it would, including the parts that are transcendentally beautiful (the stars in the middle of the Andes, hours away from the nearest semblance of a town) and parts that have been hard and terrifying (getting completely lost in the Andes for 2 days with no food or water).

We´re fine now.

Isn´t it nice that Brandon thought to pick up water-purifying Iodine tablets at REI? Yes. It is very very nice.

As amazing as everything is, right now my favorite thing is being part of this community of travelers. Swiss, Dutch, American, Argentinian, folks from all over drifting in and out of hostels and talking at night over bottles of beer before collapsing into bed. It takes a lot of courage to travel. It takes a supreme willingness to look like a complete ass, pretty much 24/7. Just for the sake of taking in the wonder of the world.


postcard 1

we´re at an internet cafe for a minute today. yesterday we climbed part of a volcano - the tallest mountain in terms of distance from the center of the earth-distance to the sun. We climbed ENOUGH. We did not need to climb anymore.

then we mountain-biked down it.

today I feel hungover and exhausted but grateful. And this gives me a good mellow day to check email and make sure I get a good picture of the sign in the health foods store next to our hostel, the sign that says

ahora, es SU torno!