Here's a [quite well done] trailer for that farce I mentioned.

$721 a week, and the director has broadway credits and a tony.


joyofem said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

On the up side, if you got the role, it doesn't seem you'd need to learn any lines. And...you could eat all you want?

Larissa said...

There is a lot of undulating in this trailer!

You could be undulating all the way to the bank.

I saw stuff like this all the time when I was in HS and once I saw the world's worst production of West Side Story, and then in college the girl who played Maria was doing first-runs of Adam Rapp plays. I don't know if that's heartening or not.

Lacy said...

It would be more heartening if I weren't already so over Adam Rapp, based on this conversation when Brandon worked on the latest big deal adam rapp play:

B: well, we have to figure out a way to write 'help me' in blood on a white apron, then wash it out every night.

Me: that shouldn't be hard.

B: but the blood has to be kept in the actress's pants, or something... she's supposed to be writing it with her, um, her period blood.

Me: what.

I guess they definitely represent two ends of a spectrum.

finalgirl said...

oh my god.

i may have been rendered speechless...forever.