Postcard II

Laguna Quilotoa, Central Highlands. 4000 meters elevation.

This trip is truly turning out to be everything I hoped it would, including the parts that are transcendentally beautiful (the stars in the middle of the Andes, hours away from the nearest semblance of a town) and parts that have been hard and terrifying (getting completely lost in the Andes for 2 days with no food or water).

We´re fine now.

Isn´t it nice that Brandon thought to pick up water-purifying Iodine tablets at REI? Yes. It is very very nice.

As amazing as everything is, right now my favorite thing is being part of this community of travelers. Swiss, Dutch, American, Argentinian, folks from all over drifting in and out of hostels and talking at night over bottles of beer before collapsing into bed. It takes a lot of courage to travel. It takes a supreme willingness to look like a complete ass, pretty much 24/7. Just for the sake of taking in the wonder of the world.


lizzy said...

YAY! I wish I were you. Keep taking it all in!

Evan said...

Wow, Lacy! That photo is hot tamales.