Postcard III

No one likes to be sick on vacation. I´m not totally out, but the cold medicine they have here is really throwing me for a loop. I also suspect the insane altitude. And the more travellers we talk to, the more we hear tell of parasites that you just can´t avoid. Ew. Parasites.

Luckily, before I got too goopy and coughy, I did something that I will count among the greatest accomplishments of this year and possibly of my life.

I learned to do eskimo rolls in a kayak.
on the first day.
that picture is not me. That is some girl affiliated with that website. I learned in the JUNGLE, yo. In a river in the JUNGLE.

When I get home I´m totally posting a youtube video of this move, which I will probably never be able to do again.
Fun fact: Generic Robitussin in South America is not ´tussin´as it is in the states, but ´Tussis.´
Not Fun At All Fact: The pharmacist stated in no uncertain terms whatsoever that I am not to have any alcohol while on this (other) medicine.


Roger said...

Hey Lace. My father, an M.D., when I read him what your pharmacist told you, said exactly what you said: bullshit. He says there is no danger in drinking while on most drugs, certainly on any kind of cold medicine. (Another fun fact: the idea that you can't drink while on antibiotics is also a myth) So DRINK UP!

nora said...

I want Roger's father to be my doctor!

I'm sorry that you're feeling crappy. Ick.