alternate careers

Drug companies produce a lot of industrial videos. Apparently I fit the "type" of a drug sales rep because I always end up playing them - the responsible, industrious rep, or sometimes the freewheeling wining and dining glengarry glen ross drug sales rep.

It's probably arrogant and it's definitely presumptuous, but I've always figured that I could actually do that job.

I mean, if I felt like it. (and, more realistically, if I had EVER showed any GLIMMER of ability in chemistry or applied sciences.)

Sometimes I see them at the doctor's office.
Hi. I play you on TV.


Jeremy said...

We all just went through Mandatory Corporate Training, including the always delightful sexual harassment video. The great thing about the sexual harassment video, is it all plays like a porn film with an alternate ending.

Manager: I want to talk to you about that promotion.

Salesperson: It sounds exciting.

Manager: Oh I can't wait to see how excited you are. We'll be working together verrrry closely. I'd like to talk to you about this over drinks... in my hotel room?

Salesperson: Ugh. The very idea makes me extremely uncomfortable. No thanks.

(Sales person walks out. Manager is discomfited.)

You see the twist? It didn't go the way you thought it would there. It's sort of like M. Night Shyamalan's Debbie Does Dallas.

taipalmgren said...

I was going to make some flip comment here, but Jeremy's comment wins.