As I mentioned, we got 100% ass-lost in the Andes. We were saved by this house:The following morning when we got up at dawn, Brandon and the dude who got us lost to begin with our Swiss companion, Cedrick, took photos. At the time, I was too exhausted. And we were honestly so appalled by the poverty, something in me felt too voyeuristic taking pictures.

Also, we were fucking freezing, and preoccupied with trying to keep the chickens from getting into the house and making sure we hadn't asphyxiated the guinea pigs overnight.

... there was a lot going on.

Also we were still completely lost. Four hours later when we finally walked into town, it was the wrong town.


Before I went on the trip, I was getting into home decor and read a lot of blogs about modernism and Jonathan Adler and fancy things to do and buy to make your house beautiful.

That night in that house, I pretty much lost all interest or regard for any of that. Apartment Therapy, along with all other non-personal blogs, is now gone from my Google Reader subscription. I don't miss them.

Another thing I've noticed:
When I needed to say something, I only knew the words to say that. Directly. If I didn't know how to say it, I looked it up and practiced it. And then I just freaking said it.
Good afternoon, I have a cough that produces phlegm and I cannot sleep.

I just didn't have the vocabulary to hedge or shyly insinuate something I needed.

Like any writer, I love language and I relish my right and privilege to use English like Scrooge McDuck diving in his vault of gold coins, but ...

...that's a skill to keep in mind.


Lizzy said...

I hear ya, sister. I love finding the perfect word. Language is a gift not to be taken for granted. I'm so jealous of people that are fully fluent in more than one language. I mean, I speak French enough to get by, but I quit fooling myself that I can perceive nuance and express abstractions the way I can in my native tongue.

nora said...

It is really interesting what a trip changes, stuff that you don't even imagine.

My trip to Ireland this spring brought big changes in my living style also. I was having a little house buying remorse and coming to grips with the fact that I was living in a five room (counting the kitchen and living room) house. Possibly for the rest of my life! 750 square feet and more that half of that was taken up with the kitchen/bathroom and akward dining room.

After my trip I realized that having that much space for a single person is more than enough. I don't need a whole office for my laptop and camera. The dining room table is just fine. I don't need two televsions. I don't have cable anyway. I joined Netflix and am watching t.v. shows and movies on my computer. I'm getting rid of stuff like there is no tomorrow.