Dear really nice and talented dude I am in this short film with:

please do not be creeped out. okay? Don't be creeped out.
you just seem SO FAMILIAR. Is it Arnie? Do you know Arnie? Everyone knows Arnie, so I'm just thinking, maybe that's it and I've seen you on his blog? But I didn't want to just ASK YOU THAT, which is weird, hey, do you know a guy named Arnie? Oh, no? Oh. Well. (LONG BAD SILENCE)

So, just hear me out, I googled you because it's a small community and I just figured that if I googled YOUR NAME and CHICAGO THEATER, bink, a very explanatory link would pop up and I'd be like OHHHHH he's in THIS theater company so I saw him in THAT PLAY and I probably ended up hanging out with him at a bar because we know THAT PERSON IN COMMON.

And then, okay possible misstep here, I admitted to googling you because it just seemed more direct to be like, 'well i'll be totally honest and ha ha creepy! ha ha! I googled you to try to figure out where I know you from,' [and now I know that we both know Thea, but, that's not it] I still know you from somewhere else, or maybe you just remind me of some composites of other people I think I know better than I actually do. Also I think I creeped you out a bit.

Also I am NOT TRYING TO HIT ON YOU because obviously we're both married. I mean, well duh, we ARE, INDIVIDUALLY, AND we're pretending to be married. In the film. Which is why there's a whole scene about me tickling your balls, which we have now practiced a LOT, thanks a lot, Director guy.

And it probably isn't creepy at all to pretend to have your balls tickled by a married woman who admitted to looking you up on the Internet.

And now writes about you on her blog.

Great. See you next rehearsal.



nora said...

My old boyfriend was in town last week. We were catching up on stuff and he kept saying, "you already told me that," and I knew that I hadn't.
Turns out he'd Googled me and was reading the my blog. Which is okay, I guess. But I wish he would have mentioned it.
So, we need to write an etiquette book for such things.
And, people who pretend that they never Google other people are lying.

Lacy said...

bless your validating heart, Nora.

Anonymous said...

Haha...it's funny you mentioned that. I found your blog through Arnie's blog, but I don't know you..and I saw you at an audition the other day and wanted to say, "Hey, I really like your blog!", but you have no idea who I am, and you would have thought I was a weirdo creepy girl.

Lacy said...

Nooooo! You would have totally made my day. Weirdo creepy girl NOTHIN, I'm the one who writes about stool samples on my blog.

Was it the swimsuit audition? That was fun, despite the fact that it was 45 minutes behind schedule. there was a whole drama playing out next to me between 3 preteen girls competing for whatever United Way spot was also happening.

Anonymous said...

Yes it was! I am an intern at that casting office. We've actually had people auditioning in swimsuits all week for 2 different shoots. I had to have a really awkward conversation with a cute actor about whether or not he was wearing a swimsuit under his clothes. Let's just say I blush easily. Next time you come by, I promise to say hello!