Dubious awards

There's an annual award thingy in Chicago for theater. You know, like the Oscars or your high school drama club awards. They're called The Joseph Jefferson awards. Named for this Chicago actor on the left.

I like love TimeOut Chicago's caption of this photo: 19th-century thespian Joseph Jefferson pictured here, searching in vain for more interesting nominees.

As usual, several of my friends are nominated - and I am very proud of/happy for them. Also nominated are some plays that I saw that I thought were laaaaaame. And some great ones, of course, didn't even get a mention. I mean, it's an artistic awards ceremony - so it comes with several theatrical seasons' worth of grains of salt.

(I am trying to think of a pun of "seasons" and "grains of salt," but friends, I'll be honest, this is another drunkblogging episode. SHHHHHHHHH. DON'T TELL THE OLD DUDE WITH THE POOL CUE.)

Mostly I was inspired by that TimeOut quip.
They've done an amazing job of simultaneously exalting Chicago's theater scene and making it not take itself so damn seriously. By the way.

Jeff Awards and High-Paying, High-Profile Shows: professional accomplishments I used to see as marks of success, and now seem utterly arbitrary. And not necessarily connected to the things I believe in.


booking commercials.
And booking 90% of on-camera jobs.
In fact, pretty much every mark of success in this business is totally arbitrary. There, I bolded it so you know i mean it.
Thank goodness this blog is teaching me that the only success worth chasing is my own happiness.

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dizzyk said...

The only success worth chasing is my own happiness.

True, that. Keep chasing happiness and let the rest of the arbitrary-osity fall where it will.

To slightly twist an Oscar Wilde quote: "When we are happy, we are always successful, but when we are successful, we are not always happy."