filthy filthy whoring!!! YES!!!

Are commercials artistically challenging, and therefore satisfying, to the actor? Oh hell no. I mean. There are some great ones out there, for sure, but your standard bite-and-smile, P&G spot? No, of course not.

I have always thought they are HILARIOUS fun. It's kind of like playing dress-up! Pretend you're a person in a commercial on tv! ACK!!! YOU ARE!! THAT IS CRAZY!!!

AND there's always really good food. AND you get paid. Sometimes you get paid quite handsomely. There are many artists who despise the filthy filthy whoring nature of commercial acting, but dammit, I think it's fun. Maybe one day the novelty will wear off and I'll feel demeaned and insulted by the process, but I hope not.

I booked a shoot on Wednesday.
I don't feel particularly successful about it - sure, I took direction, I said the lines right, but anyone will tell you that it's usually pure dumb luck to book these things. It is SO arbitrary. But nevertheless ...I guess it is success in some form - even if it's the kind that some people really look down on. And I am real grateful for it. Cause damn, folks, I have needed some money, and I get to earn it having a lot of giddy fun.

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Marisa Wegrzyn said...

I really hope the commercial was for Pizza Hut Salchi Pops.