forehead smack

I've had some good revelations from this blog. About success and happiness. Mostly how chasing success is a waste of time; you're better off focusing on your own happiness.

So I was biking along the beautiful beautiful cerulean blue lake today, trying to compose a list of things that make me happy so I can focus on those things instead of success.

And then I realized that what makes me very, very happy is success.

Successful friends. Winning. Beating odds. Getting recognition. Figuring things out and solving problems. Stories with resolutions. Making progress. Being a good friend/girlfriend wife/actor/artist/all that crap on the header of this blog.


It would be much easier to ignore success to focus on happiness if the #1 thing that brought said happiness weren't success.

Well, at least I've identified the circle I've been running around in.

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nora said...

It's a pretty hamster wheel, isn't it?