My olympic badminton training is not going so well, I guess. What with my staying out till 2am on a monday night. Either that, or I'm the ne'er-do-well, rock n roll Olympic athlete who puts the "bad" in "badmin....


I met up with a successful actor/producer friend last night for a few drinks. As she indulged my annoying and persistent questioning described what success meant to her, I figured out through a vodka-tinted haze that you can probably divide success into two categories:

1. internal success (that you define and judge yourself), or

2. external success (as determined/defined by other people.)

Then I confessed feelings of jealousy, defended my own insecurity, and told her I only wished I had another liver to switch over to so I could enjoy the evening even longer said good night to my wonderful friend then rode my bike to the next bar where I found some more friends who were still out.

Internal and external success.

Ow. My head.

External success:
Callback for my bikini audition. I think it was the Duran Duran reference I ad-libbed into the "80s" scene.

Internal success:
Ad-libbing the Duran Duran reference.
Voice-over audition today where I actually managed to pull off "sexy voice."


Lizzy said...

Funny how drinking helps with the "sexy voice"

Lizzy said...

By which I mean congrats on two forms of success!