naivete vs. prescience

not TOO long after I started working in theater, I discovered that every grownup ("grownup" = let's say in 40ish territory) who was still working in the arts by that point in their life was CRAAAAAAZZZZZY.

In varying degrees, but. All of 'em, pretty crazy.

I forgot about this for a while, and mostly I'd say that lately I've written that theory off.

Lately-lately, I don't know. Maybe it really does take its toll, all that instability and subjective success.

Also this means I'm heading down the same path myself. The path to CRAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZY.

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nora said...

I am lucky enough to have a good balance in my life. A cool job with cashable paychecks and health insurance coupled with freelance writing gigs.

I can tell you this: as a person in the 40ish territory- we're all varying degrees of crazy. Sorry.