physical limitations

for the past 6 days I've been unexplainably dizzy and completely exhausted, sleeping almost the entire day and still dead on my feet. Dizzily dead. two doctor's appointments, several hours in the hospital and one CAT scan have yielded some useless pills and more annoying prohibitionist edicts, but no results.

Or improvement.

my mother is a hypochondriac, and no matter how crappy I feel, I'm always afraid I'm shamming. As in, shamming myself. Somehow not seeing how CONVENIENT it is that I started feeling ill at a certain time.

like now that I'm back and really need to start making some decisions about finding a job.

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Urraca said...

Any update on this? I take it your doctor also is checking you out for parasites, which are a very real nuisance when traveling for such long periods. I want the fun, bouncy Lacy. Well, I'm not sure you ever bounced, but I want you better, anyhow.