so many adventures

I checked on my friend's blog to catch up on her travels. Her goal is to earn her living as a travel writer. The latest post goes a little like this:
A month in the jungle:

- four days living in a hammock on a boat on a river in the Amazon!

- arriving in the largest city in the world accessible only by water and air!

- eating a kilo of fruit every day for breakfast, and a different kind of fish every day for dinner!

She apologizes for not providing more details about her 14-day [backpacking] trek through the Incan ruins in Peru. Meanwhile, last night I realized that I am gradually slipping back into pre-trip ways: biking less and driving more, wasting more time online.

I was trying to decide what to post about this morning and it occurred to me that I have my own damn adventures.
- going to an upscale hotel in downtown Chicago to spend two hours being custom-fit with a 9 month pregnancy pad

- playing a game called "punt the baby" with 37 close friends, egging on Rachel as she drop-kicked a Cabbage Patch Kid for maximum distance

- walking into a florescent-lit room of strangers, doing a 400-year-old monologue 3 different times, and making them laugh a little more each time.

- learning to play "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger on the guitar. FOUR CHORDS. LOOK OUT, JOE SATRIANI.


nora said...

Did your adventure number 1 have anything to do with adventure number 2?

Susan said...

I like your adventures :)

nora said...

Oh, and if you know four chords you're one up on a lot of the bands out there.