so much lameness.

How do you successfully express anger? Let me tell you what is NOT successful: getting so mad that you cry. This?? This is a TERRIBLE way of being taken seriously: uncontrollable angry crying. And so, so self-defeating because you will only become angrier with yourself for not only getting DICKED OVER to begin with, but then responding -not with well-chosen cutting words, not with badass roundhouse kicks, nononononononono - BY CRYING.

I .... am going to lie low a few days before expressing my indignation so as not to succumb to the Ridiculous Furious Cry.


Sometimes I can be a little emotional.


Jeremy said...

I can't find the quote here at work, but there was a line from Vineland by Thomas Pynchon about crying. There's this character named Zoyd, who's this aging hippie type who plays organ in a surf-rock lounge band. Anyhow, he decides he's going to let his feelings out for a while and anytime he feels sad he just lets loose and cries. Eventually, though, he decides that crying is like urinating: everybody does it, but that doesn't mean people want to watch you doing it.

I'm not a cryer myself. When confronted by irreconcilable emotional stress, my involuntary reaction is laughter. You can argue that they're the same thing, it's just one makes people less uncomfortable. It is involuntary, though. It's sort of who I am, or who I have become. I might be emotionally healthier if I cried a bit more instead.

For what it's worth, my general observation of life is that I am what I am, but sometimes I have to apologize for it.

Lacy said...

mm, the [essence of] the Pynchon quote is real, real interesting.

I am a crier. I don't apologize for it - if anything I think it just makes me closer to being honest with myself about what I'm feeling. I like to think I'm in touch with my emotions.

However, I've been lucky enough to never be in a situation where someone else's composure is reliant on mine.

nora said...

I wish I was a crier. There are times that I should by crying, but I'm not and then I feel bad for not crying, which makes the thing I should be crying over seem worse.
Embrace those tears.