Some Things Seem Doomed To Failure From The Onset

Such as.
Pizza besieged by mini-pigs-in-blankets.
But then again, hell. I've been wrong before. Maybe this is gonna take off.


Larissa said...

I think I saw those in the aisle. Right next to these:

Jeremy said...

These are successful in Japan.


"Feast your eyes on the greatest pizza ever created! Forget cheese being the only ingredient in a stuffed-crust pizza, Pizza Hut’s new Double Roll sticks hot dog sausages in there too. It’s also lovingly sprinkled with hamburger pieces for the full fast food meat experience. The medium size costs 2500 yen (£10/$20.50) while the large will set you back 3550 yen (£14/$29)."

I suspect that it is more of an external than an internal success.