The stock sound effect that means BOMB CLEARLY DROPPING


That was one completely BOMBED AUDITION. One page into the side, cut off mid sentence, walk of shame back up through the entire theater past the director producer casting director AND readers, BOMBED AUDITION.


This never happens, but today Brandon and I had plans to get a beer right after the audition.

....My 'Please Stop Talking Now And Leave' audition.

Brandon: (thoughtful pause) This means you're getting a callback.

Me: If that happens, you get full license to ignore me bitching about auditions for five years. But it will seriously be one for the record books.

Strange how no matter how completely stupid I think the play is, how impractical the run schedule is (I'd be stuck in Chicago for the holidays, which would really be sad and tough) and how much I still agree with the choices I made in the scene and how I handled the language...

I can still feel like a real fucking loser after that.


nora said...

Wow. I have no idea what that would even feel like. Because I don't have enough nerve to put myself out there like that.

The fact that you even got up there makes you more successful than most of us.

finalgirl said...


i feel you, girl.

(i *think* that's the right way to use that sentence.)