Things that cheer me up

because, come on, there will always be shitty auditions.


I am REALLY into this site lately. Real emails from real moms. Like this one:

just talked to Grandma and your aunt’s wedding is going to be the 6th of December. She asked if she could send your invitation here and I told her that if she wanted YOU to get it, she should mail it to YOU. Novel idea? Anyway, the best part of the conversation came later when she told me that your aunt had found her dress and it is beautiful but your aunt is worried that because the dress is ivory, people will think she’s not a virgin. Are you kidding me? She’s 41 years old. I’d be wearing flaming scarlet so no one would think I was a virgin, especially if I were. I didn’t think there was such a thing as a real forty year old virgin. I thought even nuns had had an adventure or two by that age! Geez! At least I’m not related to them by blood.



PostcardsFromYoMomma. Oh, I love it.

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nora said...

If only my mom had e-mail...