unexpected successes

The universe is trying to placate me from the Grave Injustice That So Pissed Me Off.
  • 4 surprise free tickets to a cubs game [read: 2 tickets for us, 2 sold for beer money]
  • 2 surprise commercials lifted from a spot I shot over a year ago [equivalent to booking and shooting 2 brand new commercials/mortgage for 2.5 months]
  • Yesterday's shoot was a lot of fun, mostly thanks to my new friend Timothy, who played my thoroughly disconcerted husband as I suddenly went into labor.
I'm "on hold" for the FANCY MULTIMILLION DOLLAR theater company. This means they haven't officially offered me the job, but if anyone else offers me a job, I have to let them know so they can make a move first. I guess it's like we're going steady; we aren't married but I can't see anyone else.

Someone offer me a job?

More successes:
Those wardrobe, hair, and makeup artists are some real badasses. Here I am as a 1920s mama.


Larissa said...

What on earth is this a commercial for? Old-timey epidurals?!

nora said...

Yeah, what is it for?
At first I was just hoping to randomly run across it someday and be surprised. But then I realized that with my lack 'o cable and random viewing schedule that I want to know.
Can you tell us, or is it a big secret.

Marisa Wegrzyn said...

I am also curious.

Lacy said...

No secret at all - it's a regional spot for North Shore Health Care or something like that? I'm honestly not sure if it's a hospital or a healthcare provider of some sort. it's a series of women going into labor over the past 120 years to represent how long they've been around. So there was an 1890s couple, us, a 1960s couple, a 1980s couple, and a present-day couple.

It will definitely only run in the Chicago market. However, I just got some holding fees for another commercial, so watch for me on any Longhorn Steakhouse commercials! YEAH!

Alex Goodrich said...

Seen it!!!

It was on last night on Fox during the House premiere!

Look at you all preggers and ol'fashioned!!