also if anyone knows what is going on with this keyboard, pray tell.

1. My keyboard is acting funky with a few punctuation symbols, so bear with me.

2. I think FANCY MULTIMILLIONDOLLAR THEATER COMPANY is going to break up with me instead of asking me to be its ladyfriend. They told me I didn:t need to come in for a callback, then they told me I did.

And so I did.

It didn:t go that great.

I forget how absolutely, how stupidly, you LIVE OR DIE by one person:s opinion when you:re auditioning.

Did she smile? Did she laugh? Was it a pity laugh or was it real? What did she mean when she said, *how did that feel?* She didn:t look up when I left. What does that mean? When she said *thanks Lacy* was the underlying tone more *I am so disappointed in you Lacy* or more *that was terrible but you are unfortunately still my best option at this point Lacy*?

And why, exactly, do I want this low-paying job again, remounting a cash cow production for rich north shore high school kids? I confuse me.


crabbydad said...

I'd shake your keyboard over a garbage can. Methinks you might just have a crumb/booger wedged betwixt your colon and your apostrophe.

(And you really want to avoid the dreaded colon- and/or semicolonoscopy.)

Lacy said...

Or, a hard reset will do it too (it was more than just that key... I blame Cat Walking Across Keyboard). Thanks though, Andy.
Hey, I keep thinking of you when I see this badass drumset I'm pedaling around every night... I'll have a picture for you soon. You would totally love this thing. Get Jim to get you a special invite so you can come play on it.