a blog of declining success

Before I left for Ecuador, my blog was averaging 60ish+ hits daily. I know, I know. LOOK OUT INTERNET. Maureen Dowd II here. All up in your Blogger. But - it was slowly growing.

Since I've been back - well, it's now 24.

Eesh. (invisible yank on shirt collar)

So, this blog must be getting worse.
I thought about asking my friend who's getting her masters in writing to litcrit my blog, but come on. I mean. It seems a little self serving, right? Well, at least I'm not passively aggressively asking her to by posting this.

JOKING! Rachel! JOKINGGGG!!!!! if you have any suggestions that's totally cool BUT I WAS JOOOKIINNNGGGG!!!!!! anyone else too, seriously, I don't want to suck

I'll be getting busier, so hopefully my quality level will improve.
For those of you still reading, I very meekly thank you.


Rachel Wilson said...

Hilarious, because my blog only gets about 13 hits a day . . . and we all know I went to writing school just to make my blog better, so I'm in trouble. I heart your blog. It says so on mine.

Lizzy said...

Um, it's not you.

Loads of folks are at the beach/on vacay/moving (like me) in August, so many neglect the internetz (I've been spotty myself!). But now that it's fall-ish and back to the grind - save Ramadan and the Jewish Holy Days - my guess is that your readership will skyrocket!

Lacy said...

Rachel: replace your thesis with blogging. I don't care that it doesn't relate to YA. DO IT.

Lizzy: 1., my sympathies for moving. Ugh. I hope fall DOES bring people back! I'd ask other fellow blog friends if they've slowed down over summer, but I don't think other people are as obsessed with their sitemeters.

nora said...

All my sitemeter does is make me feel guilty. I've had new blogs swimming around in my head for weeks just can't get them finished. Or written. Apparently someone has to die to inspire me. Arrrrgh.