Chicken Hearts and Liver Gravy Feast

Two years ago today we went to and called a handful of shelters, then finally ended up at the City of Chicago Animal Care & Control Center and its two bleak walls of sleeping, purring, and staring cats, all helplessly counting down their 14 days.

We could only take one, and it was the orange one who crammed his face against the metal cage to get closer to us. Now he crams his face against mine every morning.

He presently has it crammed into a special-occasions-only dish of Chicken Hearts and Liver Gravy Feast.

After that, it's just a guess, but I'd say there's a good chance he'll take a nap and will look like this:


rebar said...

hey lacy!

don's blog got me to marisa's blog which got me to your blog. it's like 7 degrees of kevin bacon around here.

anyway - don't know if you're a fan of a site called "cute with chris" - but that shot of your cat made me laugh and reminded me of stuff he posts (folks send him pix of their pets)

www.cutewithchris.com - you should submit it. it's like a little piece of internet fame...for your pet.

unfortunately, olive has yet to make the cut.



Lacy said...

hey Rebecca! Funny, I just found Don's blog... or, specifically, the post about him and Jen. So so so so so bad and sad. So sorry to hear that.

On a cuter note.
I don't know this site, but I'll definitely check it out. Olive definitely belongs on anything featuring cuteness.