circles, cirque

Cirque du Soleil came through with invited auditions a few months ago, and several of my friends were called in. They were all pretty nonchalant about it, not expecting much. As you can imagine, it's a tough gig to get.

I found out today, my friends got much, much further into the process than I'd realized. In fact, turns out that the final round of auditioners were nearly all people I know and work with. They had actually offered a contract to this friend/colleague I mentioned a few months ago... for two years in China.

She declined. Two years half a world away from her family and fiance for a show she doesn't even really like that much anyway. I was, am, impressed as hell at her skill and her conviction.

At our meeting in May, she told me that I was a very funny, cerebral performer, but not very immediate or instinctive. Brains over heart, in other words.

That isn't a BAD thing to be, of course. But being around her and other heart-over-brains performers makes me wish I could be both.

Maybe with enough work I can be?

Maybe I should embrace who I am and be the best me I can be?

Someone point me to the right junior high motivational poster, fer crying out loud in a bucket.

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