correlation between loopy posts and long days of watching NFL

Lacy, if you have no money but a lot of time, what should you do?

Well. You should notice how expensive groceries are, and with a heavy heart switch to margarine, but also, YOU SHOULD MAKE SOUPS.
  • You should make this badass minestrone and discover kale for the first time in your life. Holy shit you guys! KALE IS DELICIOUS!
  • You should make this Indian Spiced Carrot soup with Ginger, then try not to snort it directly up your nose because you want it all, bad, NOW.
  • You should make this French Red Onion Soup, but don't buy that kind of cheese because the cheese they recommend COSTS MORE THAN QUADRUPLING THE RECIPE. You SHOULD possibly quadruple the recipe, though, because that shit is TASTY. Also, it calls for 1/2 cup of red wine. What should you do with the rest of the bottle?
Then, after you make those soups, you should put them in a big thermos along with your nalgene bottle, then hop on your bike and ride 15 miles to rehearse until midnight for some rich dude's party where you may or may not see the Eagles in a couple of weeks.


Lizzy said...

Um, speaking of delicious, was that your "Birch Cake?" I mean, I've never seen you in person, but that looked like you, was in Chicago, and - most revealing - was lower-thirded as "Lacy."

Now I though you were married in Texas. So are you telling me that the "Fantastic Cakes" is nothing but "The Hills" of the We Network?? I'm devastated, as I just got cable for the first time, and I thought I could trust WE.

That's it, I'm canceling cable (plus I haven't left the house since they installed it on Friday :)

Lacy said...

LIZZY! You busted me!! Us. The entire WE network and reality tv as a whole. Perhaps you recall.... this post? http://ayearofdubioussuccess.blogspot.com/2008/01/survey.html
Well, the CAKE was real.
Does that help?

Lizzy said...

I knew you couldn't send your husband sans aide into the height of reality show wedding shenanigans...and I thought that wasn't his name.

But I'd love to see you on some other show...say Trading Spaces. You just might be the next/better Paige!