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One of the toughest things in Actingland is when:
  1. a director specifically TELLS YOU to do something in a scene
  2. and so you do it
  3. and then that director somehow miraculously forgets that they not only sanctioned, but in fact ORDERED this choice
  4. and then calls you out in front of the rest of your cast and, sometimes, production crew. At times asking you, point-blank, why you made such a lame choice onstage.
At this point you can either
  1. gently rebut with, 'Because YOU TOLD ME TO, ASS HAT,' thereby pissing off the director, looking like a defensive ass hat yourself, and keeping everyone else there while you argue with your director in an ass hat-off
  2. OR.
  3. nod/shrug, utterly mystified by the bad choice you independently made, and agree with the director that you should REALLY do something else.
Dude, you only have one choice here. You have to suck it up.
It is so infuriating and humiliating. But you have to suck it up.

It is good for your humility.

Fairness addendum:
I have worked with some directors who will say things like, 'that was exactly what I asked you to do, and it was horrible. That was a bad idea. Let's figure out something else.'
I love those directors. They are great.

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nora said...

That sounds exactly like my work day. Ugggh.