help a blogga out.

Looks like I may be in charge of directing/producing some podcasts. Short (under 5 minutes), funny.

I never listen to podcasts. Do you? Can you recommend any?

Any recommendations AND/oR thoughts on what makes a podcast successful/not successful would be very appreciated.


Larissa said...

Audio podcasts or video?


Ask A Ninja

Midwest Teen Sex Show

60-second science from Scientific American


Just from my MTSS experience, people seem to love when the hosts of podcasts are available to speak to them via email or Twitter. In terms of content, saying anything is "like a unicorn" is funny. (It happened in our Penis episode, and it just happened in your blog!) Unicorns in general are funny. What's the subject of yer pod?

SomeAudioGuy said...

Well it's kind of all over the place. I would say the best place for "hosted" podcasts would be all of the shows over on revision3.

See podcasting isn't a "genre" it's a delivery mechanism.
It's like saying "animation", but is it adult, child, sci-fi, fantasy, classic storytelling, drama, comedy, etc?

Podcasts will cover all of these genres, what makes something a podcast is how it's delivered.

Depending on the content you've got to direct, I wouldn't treat it any different than radio, tv, or film.

Shoot me a line if you need more help.

Lizzy said...

I ONLY listen to podcasts - i.e., far more than music. It's mostly NPR shows like Wait Wait, This American Life, Radio Lab, Fresh Air. But I also like Ricky Gervais', which could be a great inspiration for any comedy podcast.

Lacy said...

Helpful, y'all. Thanks.

SomeAudioGuy, you are so totally right - there are a million flavors. This one is a minidose of Barrel of Monkeys, my theater company. I hesitate to explain it because it's complicated and the description never does justice to the actual material, but it will essentially be sketch comedy. I'll check out Revision3 for tips on how not to be annoying.