more cubs

I had some time to kill this afternoon downtown.

I certainly know how to spend an hour and $5, and that's in a cheap bar with a glass of cheap beer. The place was empty except for the bartender, another dude and me when Ronnie Woo Woo walked in.
Bartender: (shooting him a look) YOU. Don't talk to me.

Ronnie Woo Woo: What place they in?
Everyone knows: The Cubs are in first place. However, their playing taken a sharp dive lately.
Bartender: I don't want to talk about it.

Ronnie Woo Woo: What place they in?

Bartender: You want your cranberry juice?
Hell if I know how we got onto this, but as Ronnie got up to leave, he turned to me and started talking to me about the importance of being nice. "Don't cost nothing to be nice," he kept saying. "You just got to have fun, and if you can make people smile, that's all you gotta do." I listened to him talk for a while about being nice, and having fun, and making other people smile. In a way that probably should have felt hedonistic or trite, but really just reminded me to be nice, and listen to strangers.

Ronnie told me I brightened his day, and then he gave me a t-shirt. I took a high-quality, journalistic style cell phone picture of us. I told him he brightened mine too.
On his way out:
Other Dude at Bar: Hey, who's pitching tonight?

Ronnie Woo Woo: Ronnie Woo Woo!


lizzy said...

WOW! You do live an enviable life, sister.

taipalmgren said...

The guy is essentially famous for being nice (and yelling), which is pretty amazing.

Also, I love that dialogue between Ronnie and the bartender. I wish I could write dialogue like that.