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Sometimes I like to listen to Cubs games on the radio. Pat Hughes provides the play by play, Ron Santo provides the color commentary. They're a great team.

Ron Santo used to play for the Cubs. Ron Santo loves the Cubs. Ron Santo's emotional connection to the Cubs often renders him incapable of forming coherent sentences, speaking, or at times, doing anything other than plaintively wailing while his cohost attempts to drown him out with statistics and interesting tidbits about Wrigley Field.

I love Ron Santo.
Everyone does.

Today the pitcher made a really dumb move as they Cubs were losing, 2-6, in the top of the 9th.

Pat Hughes: (calls the play with slight alarm and surprise in his voice)

Ron Santo: What!?!?!

Pat Hughes: (explains the dumb play to those of us listening at home)

Crowd: (booes furiously and drunkenly)

Ron Santo: What?!?! NO! No!

Pat Hughes: (tells us the name of next batter up to hit)

Ron Santo: NO!!! NO! WHY would you ...? WHY would you DO ...?

Pat Hughes: (tells us what the first pitch was, and if the batter swung or not)

Ron Santo: WHY?????? WHYYYY????????

Sometimes I wonder if the engineer has an easily accessible mute switch on Ron Santo's mic.

Moments later, get this, BOTTOM OF THE 9TH, Cubs have 2 outs and I am about to switch the station in disgust when they SCORE 4 POINTS ON THEIR LAST OUT to tie the game! What!?!? What?
Ron Santo: (howls of unabashed glee)


nora said...

My brother-in-law Ron is named after Ron Santo. He named his dog Santo.

My Ron's dad was a huge Cubs fan. He ran a funeral home in South Bend. One day he picked up a body in Chicago right around game time. He parked the hearse and snuck in for the last couple of innings.

Ron tells these great stories of going to away games, staying at the same motel as the team and his dad calling the players after the game to discuss it with them.
The good old days.

Jason said...

(Side note: I love that the header for your comments says "I do love a good holler" as we are talking about Ron Santo....)

I also love Ron's calls. Gretchen and I will sometimes watch the games on TV with the radio sound to hear him and Ron. I give Ron so much credit for handling Ron's idiosyncracies and making him look good. Sometimes I wish we had a color man who could provide some insight, a la Steve Stone, but then I hear Ron again and think, Absolutely Not. Ron is indispensible.