my day

12:02. I am released from rehearsal and get on my bike. I think about biking to the red line putting my bike on the train, but instead decide to go ahead and bike the 13 miles home. It's a nice night. I could use some thinking time.

12:02-1:02. I see wondrous sights on the dark streets of Chicago. Most of them are: people sitting on the curb with their legs in the street, waiting for night owl buses, people sitting on the curb and staring at the building across the street, very very drunk, and finally the big half moon rising in the east.
Oh, and also, one man shitting himself outside Carol's. If you know Carol's, this will not come as much of a surprise. I was mostly surprised by the sound it made.

1:02. I get home and drink a beer as I shower. I do not shit myself.

2:00. I go to bed. (also not shitting myself)

7:00. Alarm 1 goes off. I listen only for news of Barack Obama doing something great or Sarah Palin disgracing herself further.

7:30. Alarm 2 (the one I said I'd get up at). Brandon actually gets up and I get a second pillow.

8:00. Brandon is genuinely distressed that I'm not up yet. Brandon was a stage manager. Brandon likes to be on time. Unfortunately this also means he likes me to get up on time.

8:10. I get up, mostly because Brandon has moved my legs to the floor.

8:20. I am ready to go, 10 minutes early, and explain to Brandon why he should have let me sleep this 10 minutes. He is unimpressed.

8:30. We get on the train. I teach him a really ridiculous chant. That's right, a chant. About apartments. We say "yay" and "green design yay" to a specific beat.

9:30. We get to the Merchandise Mart and find a bunch of people from the theater company grouping outside. We all go in and take the elevator to an empty office on the 7th floor, where we rehearse this same chant with 3 drummers. Brandon thinks one of them is the drummer from Califone, a band he really likes and has been listening to nonstop lately. He doesn't say anything though. I try to stay awake.

10: 30. We get into our brand new Steampunk costumes. Don't worry, I'll have pictures very soon. We smear on a little whiteface. I lie down on the ground and try to sleep, then have to get up so the crew can tie three white balloons tied to both my wrists. We rehearse the chant with the drummers several more times. The drummers are great. The other people in the room are our friends. It's fun. Tired tired fun.

11:00. We ride the elevator downstairs, and with the drummers playing, all 8 or 9 of us walk fluidly, elegantly, and with an anticipitory air through a crowd of realtors who have shown up for a late breakfast/brunch at an otherwise closed restaurant. We ring bells and hold balloons and try to look very artsy. I try not to stare at the platters of salmon, which look great. Why the hell didn't anyone eat the salmon? I want that salmon. Shit! Walk artsy! WALK ARTSY!
We lead the procession across the street to the site of a groundbreaking for a new downtown apartment. We say our chant with the drums about green design and yay.
We walk back across the street and get back in the elevators and change back into our clothes. This will pay 25% of our mortgage for the month.

2:00. I have a voice-over audition. It is ridiculously terrible. Seriously, seriously. Who drinks MGD64? John Cleese: American light beer is like having sex in a canoe: it's fucking close to water. But, it's kind of fun being as cheesy as they want me to be. My agent is too busy to talk to me. She is brusque and dismissive. It's neither personal nor pleasant.

4:00. Nap with purring cat.

5:00. Phone call to confirm voiceover session tomorrow with Sue Scott from A Prairie Home Companion.

7:00. Rehearsal. My friend Jesse and I use bicycle gears to power a steel and plywood cart that carries 3 full drum sets and 4 slightly paunchy amd exceptionally talented drummers over a gravel floor. In the middle of a particularly difficult turn, I wonder if women can get hernias. Repeat for the next 5 hours with minor variations.

11:42. Released from rehearsal.

I love my job, my friends, and this glass of port.
I am very tired. Unfortunately I'm also wound up after 5 hours of very physical rehearsal.
I knew this week would be hard. I love it, though. I love it.
I only have 2 months left on this blog, and while I'm feeling lacking in humor and overflowing with fatigue, I gotta say, this day felt great.

Also, I have gone yet another 24 hours without shitting myself, and that can't be anything BUT successful.


Larissa said...

I can't wait to see pictures of this crazy steampunk bicycle green design


Lizzy said...

What will I read after two months are up??