my friend the unicorn

When I first moved to Chicago and answered phones at my talent agency, I got to know a lot of the actors we represented. I had some form of crush on just about everyone. I thought it was so amazing that they were all working actors.

It was like suddenly living with unicorns. I put their calls through with glee and reverence.

They seemed so incredibly successful - so it totally shocked me when I was chatting with one of them and she mentioned how she really needed to find a day job. Record scratch! What!? My hero needed a day job. It was the first time I really GOT how there's no career ladder in this field, it's a career Krazy Straw. This girl was an established freaking professional, and was still stressing over paying rent the same way I was. It took some pressure off, to be honest, but it was also pretty depressing.

Flash forward a few years.
She did some more shows.
She stopped needing a day job.
One of her shows went to New York and did really well.

I saw her last night and was excited she was back in town. She was GLOWING as she sheepishly mentioned she was heading back to New York. Yes, for work. Yes, she's excited about it. Yes, it's a good show. Um, she's going to be in August: Osage County. On Broadway.


You guys.

My hero, the unicorn.

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