Oh shoot, O shoot.

I got up at 5:30 this morning to report to set for my film shoot this weekend. The independent comedy short I was cast in over the summer.

I've had bit parts in a major tv show and a major feature film. I've had principal roles in major national ad campaigns. But I've never, never been a main character on a real shoot. I've never acted out a full story. With a character other than "Tampax Girl."

So today I got that.

By 4:00 two things had happened:
  • We were easily 5 hours behind schedule
  • We could no longer ignore thiswhich led to this
which actually got even worse.
Finally we couldn't keep the generator dry to power the lights outside that we needed to stream through the window in the bedroom where we were shooting.
AND the basement of the house where we were shooting was straight up flooded.

So, although no one - cast, crew, creatives - had ever experienced this before, the entire 2-day shoot got cancelled.

Hopefully, to be resumed at a later and undetermined date. But nearly everyone was volunteering their time, which means everyone has to find a time when they have nothing better to do. The production coordinator fought tears as she made the announcement over the walkie. Everyone had done so much work. This was a real freaking production: art department, gaffers, grips, DP - the full works.

Everyone gave up and went home.
I'm home now.
I guess I'm going to go watch Law & Order and have a cocktail.

Okay ANOTHER cocktail, sheesh, back off.

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