One of the great perks of this last gig was that it was catered beautifully. The salad bar in particular was primo. Good bleu cheese. Candied walnuts. Sun-dried tomatoes aplenty. Ee-um.

Towards the end, they even stepped up the dressing selection with these tasty selections from Kraft. See that Balsamic Vinaigrette in the back? I reached for that one and was stopped cold.
Catering Lady: Uh uh. Those is special.

Me: I'm sorry?

Catering Lady: They special. Special dressing.

Me: (looking confused)

Other people in line: (looking confused)

Catering Lady: Special dressing, for special people.

The Eagles were indeed the "surprise headliners" for the party. They started off their set with Hotel California. I wonder if they did that so people would know who they were. The Eagles, playing for their target audience, hedging their bets just to get recognized.

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