today's success challenge

Oh boy. While remaining true to all your values, while being empathetic and loving, while being the change you wish to see in the world and all that hooha, how do you respond to this?
Have you talked to your Mom and has she said anything about Mimi having a [garage] sale because she sure doesn’t want us too and I really have mixed feelings about having one because so many Mexicans come and sure don’t want people to know just 2 women live there
Do you just let it go?
Do you gently explain that's RACIST AND JUST STUPID AND HOW CAN YOU --?!
Do you SORT OF PLAYFULLY suggest she go ahead with a whites-only garage sale?

When my grandfather says such things (personal favorite: "You know... I do think the pickaninnies are awfully cute") ...I can nod and know he'll die before too long, and his beliefs will die with him, and all that will be left of him on earth is me, and I have a very different view and am slowly pushing the world in a different direction.

It feels different with my aunt somehow. Maybe because she's younger [63]? I don't know.

How do you deal with this?


Urraca said...

Hey am I allowed to post here?

Lacy said...

Only because you're a published author.

Oh man, Cesar, I'm so freaking sorry. and ashamed. I've been thinking about that short story you wrote years ago, about the science teacher with the gay son. The way you wrote that teacher, you really wanted to love him and feel for him. But he had this very frank element of bigotry and prejudice.

Urraca said...

You don't have to be ashamed! Your blog posts have been so thoughtful. Plus, you know everyone goes through this in some way. I gotta pull that story out from the drawer. And then think about racism and stuff.

You are doing just fine, Abogada!

Lizzy said...

Say something, for sure. She needs to know that she can't say those thing to you. You can;t change how she thinks, but maybe you can change how she behaves. And that's the first step towards attitude change.

We all have dumbasses in the family.