Viva Wisconsin

Camping this weekend.
Wisconsin gets my award for Best Midwestern State. Because, in no particular order,
  • camping
  • cheese curds
  • cheese curds
  • the Packers
  • eating cheese curds while camping and/or watching the Packers.
Brandon and his dad canoed through a stretch of Northern Wisconsin a few years ago. They reached the end of the run late Saturday, and stayed that night with the family that ran the canoe rental/outfitter company on their huge beautiful northwoods property.

Sunday they woke up to a crisp fall morning and the owner of the company outside on the patio, bundled up and scrambling around 2 dozen eggs next to a firepit. A ton of friends and family showed up to eat brunch, drink beer, throw a football around and watch the Packers. Apparently it was a weekly ritual.

Since Brandon told me about this, YEARS ago, this has been my dream.
Okay, a dream.
Maybe I have a few dreams. Like owning a late 80s Jeep Grand Wagoneer with simulated wood paneling. BUT this one is seriously up there.
Because, in no particular order,
  • friends
  • firepit
  • scrambled eggs
  • football
  • I imagine that there are cheese curds in this equation somewhere.

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