brush, floss, gargle

In 20 minutes, my friend Kate is bringing her 2 year old over for me to watch. What on earth am I going to do with this kid. She's going to hate me and cry for 4 hours, then Jamie will come to pick her up and wonder what I've done to his lovely daughter.
Me: (over email) I'm only slightly terrified. Did I mention I've never changed I diaper before?

Kate: Dude, I hear you, I had never held a baby before Delia was born. Seriously.
I've been trying to think of how to prepare for this. My best plan is to brush my teeth, floss, and gargle. The baby will surely hate me less if I have fresh breath.



Jason said...

Whatever you do, don't discuss politics. These toddlers... you won't believe how conservative they've become.

But seriously, don't worry about it too much. I'm pretty sure they can smell fear. Keep loose and they will, too.

Or not. But fresh breath never hurts.

Jeremy said...

I know, it's already happened, but remember that toddlers love to discuss religion. You know, because they're always asking, "Why?" Also, if the parents find out you were discussing religion, you may not have to babysit again.