defending your happiness. or success. either and both.

Drinks tonight with a friend. Another actor. She's a stay at home mom who waits tables 2 nights a week at an amazing little restaurant in Lincoln Square. She no longer does theater, musical or straight. Equity or storefront. And she's really happy. She said this:
I'm actually having a hard time with how happy I am. I mean, not with me, but with how it looks to other people.
I've been catching up over email with a very close friend from junior high and high school. His last email said this:
So here's something I would like to address: I think I seem over-emphatic and vaguely hysterical when I insist that I like being a salesman. I should say that I suspect it seems that way to other people.
When I write him back I'll tell him I feel the same way about being a commercial actor.


nora said...

I don't know why I feel like I need to defend my job/jobs. I've found a nice balance in my life. Sure, I'd like to give up waitressing - but I found a super-cool place to work and the job makes a huge difference in my lifestyle. Things like internet access and a MacBook would be out of reach.
And we all want to be you, anyway.

Lacy said...

I hear you - the extra gigs sometimes aren't necessary and I catch myself feeling like 'um, I thought I was past the point where I had to do Random Gig #421,' ...but the extra money is really nice.

And besides, thinking you're 'above' things is a dangerous line of thought anyway. That's mostly a comment for me.

You're kind. You remind me that I keep meaning to write a post on generosity of spirit and making other people feel wonderful.