I didn't find a way to work Jane Austen into the post but she's entirely relevant here.

  • 1987 Demon Rumm
  • 1988 Slow Heat in Heaven
  • 1988 Tidings of Great Joy
  • 1988 Hawk O'Toole's Hostage
  • 1989 Best Kept Secrets
  • 1989 Long Time Coming
  • 1989 Temperatures Rising

A short selection of novels by New York Times Bestselling Author Sandra Brown.

Sandra Brown, in case you haven't seen her billboards, is one of those mass market authors whose name is always in a font eight times larger than the title of the book. A very commercially successful author - no easy feat.

Does Sandra Brown, anywhere in her heart, give a shit that, as far as the literary world is concerned, she writes nothing but dreck? Does she meet Ann Patchett and Audrey Niffenger at publishing functions and wonder if they're secretly making fun of her? Does she sink into periods where she loathes every book she wrote with "silk" or "whispers" somewhere in the title?

Or does she just cash her checks, pose for the publicity shots, pour a martini and flip off the New York Times Book Review?

My voice-over career is going pretty well. Not full-time income level JUST yet, but it's growing. I feel proud and optimistic. Stage career, not so much.

Am I going to end up a Sandra Brown of Chicago Actors? Would I be okay with that, if I did?

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