a nice kind of success

I'm taking this moment to continue avoiding the impossible task of pause while making this week's picks for the football pool (New England at San Francisco? Redskins at Philly? I DO NOT KNOW! HARRRD!) to holla at my girl Larissa.

A few months ago I wrote about how my friend Tutaj, after losing an award to a puppet, posited that a good mark of success is earning the respect of people whose work you admire.

Well. One of Larissa's favorite/formative/influential authors, Kelly Link, found a YouTubey music video Larissa made, posted it on HER blog, and loved it for all the world to see.

Larissa. That's boss.

You know what else is boss? The music video. Um, especially at 3:21.
Now somebody tell me if I'm right in picking Jacksonville over Pittsburgh.

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Larissa said...


Thank you for making my day.

Getting blogged about by a friend you think is awesome: successful

Blogging about someone and making them feel successful: double successful