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Back in May I wrote about almost kicking a kid out of our afterschool program.

My whinging from that post:
The point of the program is that it's a supportive place for kids who probably don't have many supportive places. A positive place, a place where every idea is a good idea and you can express yourself any way. Kicking someone out is practically an anathema to the entire mission statement.
I'm not teaching the afterschool program this year. Different structure, different teachers (read: stronger teachers than me).

But she's back. That student. I talked to one of my friends who is teaching her this year.

Friend: So you had her last year?

Me: Yeah. I spent a lot of time with her and went to bat for her a lot. Honestly, I'm surprised we let her back into the program.

Friend: Was she hitting people last year?

Me: ... no.
My friend later said, "I don't have the tools to make her better," and if WE, Barrel of Monkeys don't have those tools, if SHE, badass teacher, doesn't have those tools, I don't know who does.

It makes me blue.

On the upside. First day teaching another residency today. You know what's awesome? Fourth graders. They are awesome.
Kid: Hey.

Me: Hey.

Kid: You country?

Me: Um, a little bit?

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taipalmgren said...

Nice to see you're blogging about a new residency. Perhaps there is another blog out there you'd like to post on...