bio hazards

Everyone hates writing their own bio. Writing about yourself in third person is just douchey. You will either sound totally pompous or completely inexperienced. You are doomed to sound like an ass by your own description. Oh, it's cruel.

Everyone hates it.

Except, apparently, my cousin Ricky.

Whose bio we stumbled on last night at a place on the South Side where Brandon was playing.

Please note:
Angela (teacher AND DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMMING) - 3/4 page bio.
Ricky (teacher) - two pages.

I ridicule him lovingly.
If you bother to read his bio (beyond where he calls himself a "discriminating actor") you'll see a very impressive list of grants, publications, and productions. He's an amazing guy, as illustrated by the fact that you can stumble across some community center you didn't even know existed and learn that your friend works and teaches there (along with a dozen other places like it).

And, given the ridiculous length of that bio, although he sounds totally pompous, he does NOT seem inexperienced.

I have to write mine soon. In fact, it was due a few weeks ago (cough). Standard length in a program is about one paragraph, though it's always hard to know how big the paragraph should be.

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