Dean and the humility of wonder

This came from my cousin Dean's blog. He just finished several months entertaining tourists on a cruise ship and exploring the Mediterranean. Seems like he had some pretty amazing experiences.

I'm going to be honest, Dean's blog is pretty weird and this is the most coherent post he's possibly ever written. But he is a hell of a photographer (among other things) and did a fascinating job of imagining his life in snapshots in strange towns half a world away.

Anyway, here's what he has to say about his reflections on several months' worth of international performance, travel, and exploration:
I could rattle off self righteous rules about the world that I feel I've discovered, only to, weeks later, regret sharing them as I once again realize how naive I was.

Discoveries as such are best kept to oneself. Especially ones that contain words like "Should" or "Try" or "Always".
Good call, Dean.

And I particularly enjoyed this imagined life:

The ghost of Christmas future showed me this. Notice how much money I'm making.

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