Here’s some news that’s either wildly liberating or totally debilitating:

Hardly anyone out there is smarter than you.

Thanks a lot, Carl Finch. I read that sentence 9 years ago and haven't been able to get it out of my head since.
Brandon: why are you second guessing yourself so much lately?

Me: I'm doing it more than usual?

Brandon: yeah. I wish I could get you to stop it.
Me too. Why so much lately?

Maybe I've just been thinking about that phrase lately, and it's more accusative than empowering.

Hardly anyone out there is smarter than you.

There. I curse YOU with it.

If you fail to enchant new acquaintances at networking events, book the national voiceover accounts, or blog well enough to garner a huge following, know that other people are achieving those things, and they are no smarter than you. They are just somehow doing it better.

Sleep well.

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