Do you live in Chicago?

Do you like things that are funny?

Do you like to help children who need help?

Come see my play. The TimeOut Chicago blog recommends it. Many do. Come see it.

Monday night at 8pm at the Neo-Futurarium Theater. It is called "That's Weird, Grandma" and it's less than an hour long, very funny, and you get a free prize at the end of the show. I won't be in it much longer, so you should see it soon. Also I have to miss rehearsal Sunday morning, so see me come forget basic things like blocking and intros this week. AND I play the piano for 4 whole stories. Amazing. Come see how truly mediocre 'incidental music' can be. But the whole thing, the whole thing is genius.

It is fun for children who are 5 and over, but mostly adults come to see our shows and leave with their faces hurting from laughing so hard.

I think you'll really enjoy it. Or, as we like to say on our marketing materials, You Will Like It.

Do you have questions? I will answer them in the comments.

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